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August 2018

RACGP Recommendations and Common Areas Where RACGP Candidates Could Improve

According to a recently conducted study, 1542 candidates appear in the FRACGP KFP Exam in 2018.1 where 56% of the applicants passed the exam. In a previous article, we mentioned how it gets harder and harder to pass the exam in the next attempt because of the rapidly declining success rate. RACGP KFP Exam consists [...]

How to Prepare for The FRACGP Exam?

Many people find it difficult to make an effective study plan for RACGP Exam. Time management is a global challenge regardless of the industry or goal. However, that’s where you can make a significant difference and maximize your efforts. We always advise our subscribers to understand the difference between hard work and smart work. KFP [...]

FRACGP Enrolment Calendar for 2019.1

FRACGP Enrolment for 2019.1 are about to start and following are some important things regarding FRACGP Exam Enrolment you should know. First of all, in order to appear in the FRACGP exam, candidates require Recognition of Prior Learning which is also known as RPL. Other than that, it is must to apply to RACGP exam [...]

July 2018

FRACGP Exam Courses – Enrolments Have Started For RACGP 2019.1

You can get: The AKT 2019.1 Q-Bank with 1100+ AKTs at a discounted price of AUD299 for a limited time from here. The KFP 2019.1 Q-Bank with 230+ Cases at a discounted price of AUD349 for a limited time from here. The AKT + KFP 2019.1 Q-Bank with 1100+ AKTs and 230+ Cases at a [...]

RACGP 2019.1 Enrolment – Eligibility – Dates – Prerequisites – Policies

FRACGP 2019.1 AKT and KFP Enrolment Period Starting: 17 September 2018 Ending: 16 November 2018   Eligibility Criteria Candidates are only eligible for RACGP Fellowship exam if they participate in one of the following six pathways to Fellowship. AGPT (Australian General Practice Training) Practice Based Assessment Pathway Pilot RVTS (Remote Vocational Training Scheme) Specialist Pathway [...]

How to Tackle RACGP 2019.1 AKT and KFP Challenges?

RACGP 2018.2 AKT and KFP exams are over and here we are, with some tips to help you tackle RACGP 2019.1 AKT and KFP exams. One of the biggest concerns among RACGP candidates is the high failure rate in KFP segment. In a previous post, we talked about the primary reason why KFP has the [...]

Tips for RACGP KFP Exam

In one of our previous articles, we discussed why KFP has the highest failure rate in FRACGP Exam and now we want to share some effective tips for RACGP KFP Exam to help you succeed. If you don’t already know the basic structure of KFP exam, you can read this comprehensive article for a better [...]

FRACGP KFP Exam Structure and Tips

In our previous post, we explained the difference between three exams of RACGP Fellowship and also discussed why KFP is the most difficult exam among these three. In this article, we will discuss the structure of RACGP KFP Exam as well as some tips regarding understanding the cases given in this segment. Structure of RACGP [...]

June 2018

Why KFP Has The Highest Failure Rate In FRACGP Exam?

KFP is the most feared segment of FRACGP Exams and unfortunately this fear is not unreasonable. I’m going on the record and say it, “KFP is something to be afraid of”. KFP has the highest failure rate among the three segments of FRACGP Exams. There are mainly two reasons why many candidates failed KFP; first, [...]

4 Tips to Help You Pass FRACGP AKT Exam

Our experts have compiled a list of 4 tips to help you pass FRACGP AKT Exam. This practical advice to GP trainees can make a significant difference in your FRACGP Exam preparation. Let’s take a close look. Time Management We can’t emphasize it more than that. Time management is one of the most important aspects [...]